Friday, April 26, 2013

Jamberry Nails

I attended a quarter auction last night where I came home with a cute manicure set that included a set of Jamberry Nails wraps.  After looking at the website, I see that these are around $15/set so I'm not sure if these truly qualify as Budget Beauty items, but if the manicure lasts long enough, it just might.
Now I have used other adhesive nail wraps in the past, so the instructions that included the application of heat threw me off a bit.  They have a couple of instruction videos on the website, so I recommend at least glancing it over, especially the hints and tips which will help eliminate some problems before you start.
Overall, it took me approximately an hour to apply the wraps, from prep to completion.  It was fairly easy and though my free set came with a cute little rice bag to apply the heat, I actually used my hairdryer as I did not want to have to keep running to the microwave to warm up the rice bag.
I'll update this post as to how the manicure does over time, but I've included a picture.  The flash on my phone makes this particular wrap to appear to have black in it, but it really is just pink and silver.
I'd love to hear about your own experiences with Jamberry Nails.  Please comment below.  If you have suggestions on other items you'd like to see reviewed here, mention it in the comments!

Edit:  If you're a crafter, especially a hot glue gun user, you may want to skip this wrap.

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