Friday, August 29, 2014

Lotion Bars

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I LOVE these little lotion bars.  These are my new favorite thing.  Seriously.  Wow.

I combined beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, flaxseed oil, and sweet almond oil.  I also added some essential oil for scent, but you could make these unscented if you prefer.  While these little babies are my sample versions, I would make bigger bars for gifts or personal use.  I love how the molded versions came out.  They popped right out of my mold form, too.  

To use, you rub the bar across the skin you want moisturized.  The heat of your body helps absorb the lotion and these turned out so much better than I could have even hoped for.  

I would be sure to keep these in a cool place if you want the bar to keep it's shape for as long as possible.  I am not sure how good these would be to mail in the summer months, but maybe once the weather gets cooler...

This is one you definitely want to try.  Do it.  I think this is going to be your new favorite lotion.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Not every test product is an instant success...

So I was testing out the rose scented bath mixture.  It's a powdered mixture that you drop in the tub.  It smells great and has super skin-helping ingredients.  However, I was attempting to put the mixture into small mold forms to make cute little designs.  Okay, I was PLANNING to put the mixture in a mold, but it never made it that far.

I was trying to multi-task.  I was trying to keep up with the swarm of potential projects I had swimming through my head at that moment, so I had a couple things going at once.  The second project was one that needed to be heated and then cooled, and everything had just mixed together.  Fearing I would burn the second project, I left the first mixture in a shaker container and figured I would come back and finish it when I completed the other project.

I was only gone a few minutes when... the dang first mixture turned into a heavy, glue-like consistency.  It was sticky and I thought it was going to harden into a huge, shaker shaped rock that I would never get out.  Of course, the shaker was long and narrow, so I had to find a kitchen utensil long enough to scrape out the mixture.  It was far too glue-like to attempt the molding process, so I instead formed them into mini bath bombs (but bombs without the bath bomb fizz!)  Now that they are drying, I think they actually will be a success.  They smell great!  But they are not nearly as pretty as I originally hoped.  Oh well.  Not everything can be like the next project I'll be posting...

Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm looking for a few good (opinionated) men

Skin care should not be just for the more female types.  Even you more manly folks should take steps to keep your skin healthy.  With that in mind, I am looking for a couple opinionated men (or their wives, girlfriends, moms, and so on) to share with me a couple real life opinions on aftershave.  I have a couple general questions I would like answered and the opinions you give may directly influence the latest recipe in development in the test kitchen!

Please contact me if you are willing to give me a quick comment or two on aftershave and your use of it (or lack of use.)

Thanks in advance!

Spray Deodorant

It must be summer, given my back-to-back posts on deodorant!  Here is my attempt at spray deodorant.  If you are not fond of the recipe that may require you to spray on apple cider vinegar, you may be interested in giving this one a try.  

I have always liked the idea of spray on deodorant versus the white cream that may get on your clothing.  This one contains witch hazel, sea salt, baking soda, and essential oils.  I used tea tree, lemon, and peppermint.  The peppermint is cooling and really is a nice pick-me-up fragrance.  I am glad I picked that one for this product.  

So far I have used it without irritation and it has not created any sting spraying it on after shaving.  I will keep you updated if that changes.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Avocado Information

Previously posted on the Facebook page and Google+ page during Avocado week, here is some additional information about this wonderful natural beauty ingredient:

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the ingredient of the week over on the blog which is the tasty, nutritious avocado. The lovely avocado is native to Mexico and Central America and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals beneficial for your skin and your health. 

I am only going to touch on a few of the many reasons to include avocados in your beauty routines, which should involve consuming (in moderation) the fruit, too. You can use the fruit, oil, and even the skin (peel, rind) of the avocado topically and in a large variety of recipes including moisturizers, toners, masks, and bath soaks.

Used topically, the avocado hydrates the skin, reduces inflammation, softens rough skin, and provides a protective barrier. It helps protect against sun damage and will soothe sunburn. Avocado is thought to boost collagen production and provide protection from environmental damage which can lead to skin showing the signs of aging. It even helps treat age spots.

I hope you enjoy the products using avocado featured on the blog this week and be sure to give it a try in your own recipes. Do not forget to eat some, too!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rosehip Seed Oil

I previously posted this on the book's Facebook page and Google+ page, but I wanted to include it here as well.

Let's talk about Rosehip Seed Oil. This is one of the ingredients used in my very popular anti-wrinkle skin serum recipe. It has been made popular recently due to a model endorsing its use as one of her beauty "secrets". 

The oil comes from the seeds of rose bushes and is full of vitamins (such as A and C), antioxidants, and fatty acids. It was used by Egyptians, Native Americans, and others for its healing properties. This oil is great for hydrating dry, itchy skin. It's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help reduce scars, fine lines, stretch marks, and it evens out skin tones and helps to fade age spots.

Personally, I love this oil because it's non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin. It can be used by itself or in recipes for your skin, hair, and nails. This is definitely one you should try!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Honey Lip Balms

Honey Lip Balms.  Made with honey, beeswax, EVOO, Vitamin E and Flaxseed oil!  Flaxseed oil is used to moisturize and smooth skin.  

A big thanks to my nephew, Joey, for his help in making these sweet little balms!  

Friday, August 15, 2014

To-Be-Named Perfume

If you follow me elsewhere, you may have heard about my upcoming book.   There has been a Facebook contest going on since I created the above perfume, which had to sit two weeks.  The winner of my name the perfume contest gets roll-on perfume (and maybe some other goodies).  The winner will be announced here and there (and everywhere I'm pimping the upcoming book.)

This perfume is scented with rose water, grapefruit essential oil, and patchouli essential oil.  The full recipe is in the book.

Follow the book's pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.  I appreciate your support!

Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY Solid Deodorant

We all have heard the scary stories about chemical-laden antiperspirant.  I have attempted to make solid deodorant before with two problems.  The first is that coconut oil is great at staying a solid at temperatures below 76 degrees, but what if you live in a place like I do where the temperature frequently is much, much higher than that, inside and outside!

The other problem that made me give up DIY deodorant?  Well, I will get to that in a minute.

I love this particular recipe because it will actually stay in a solid form!  What do you need?

For this recipe I gathered together beeswax pellets, cornstarch, baking soda, coconut oil, an empty deodorant container, and some essential oils.  I am not endorsing any of the above products.  This is just what I happened to use.  If you have a favorite brand, feel free to use it instead.  I am all about budgets here, so use whatever you have on hand!

I started by melting together the oil and beeswax, stirring frequently until combined.

Then I added in the powders.  Making sure there are no lumps before adding will make things move a little faster.  I added the essential oils at the very end and stirred until everything was well combined.  

Though you want to make sure everything is mixed well, don't spend too much time making this as things will start to firm up fairly quickly as the beeswax cools.

Whoops!  This was a bit more than the container I originally planned for, so I ran to the craft room and grabbed a small container with a lid and put the rest of my mix there.  That one can be applied with my fingers.

That's all there is to it.  Let it cool and you're ready to use.  Now remember this is a deodorant.  It will not clog your pores and you will still sweat.  Don't sweat it (ha!); Sweating is good for you.  Really.

Oh, what's that?  You thought I forgot my second problem with solid DIY deodorant.  The first time I made this product, everything worked great.  (It may take some people a couple weeks to get used to not using the deodorant only but if you feel extra funky, give your body a little time.  It's worth it.)  But for me, and I think many other people, you may start to notice some irritation in your underarm area.  Mine took about 2 weeks to start and then my underarms were red and really dry.  Not good.  So I gave up on my DIY deodorant and thought all was lost.

But now I found the solution!  The problem has to do with the pH balance of the skin and lots of other science stuff you can look up if you really want to know all that.  Instead, I'm just going to tell you how to fix it.  Before you put on the deodorant, spray a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your pits.  No really.  I keep a tiny spray bottle nearby.  Hold those arms up, let it dry (it doesn't take long), and then put on the DIY deodorant and love that you are keeping those pores clear!  Please note:  DO NOT USE THE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR RIGHT AFTER YOU HAVE SHAVED.  You're welcome.

Let me know if you give this one a try!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Avocado Hand Scrub

Okay, enough teasing!  Here's what to do with that lovely avocado we scooped out.

I put the guts in a bowl and gathered up my other ingredients.

For this recipe, I gathered up oats (which I ground into a coarse powder), lemon juice, and one egg.

After mixing everything together, rub all over your hands.  Cover with plastic gloves and let it sit on your hands for 20 minutes.  Then rinse off thoroughly.  Your hands will be soft and smooth.  Trust me, you will love this one!

How about having the girls over for a mani/pedi night?  I divided the scrub into individual containers.

Put the scrub container with a pair of gloves or plastic bags for each person.  Remember to keep the mixture in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

These would be cute little pampering gifts, alone or with a fingernail file and other manicure items, for your bridesmaids, too!

Give it a try this weekend and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Welcome back to avocado week!  Last post I mentioned not throwing away that pit.  But hang out, don't throw out that peel, either.

After you have scooped out the insides, turn that peel inside out.  Rub it on your face for an excellent moisturizer just the way it is.  Do not worry, it will not turn your skin green.  Here's the proof:

Yup, there's yours truly, freshly avocado moisturized.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Avocado Madness

The lovely avocado is a fruit, for those of you that like to know such things.  It has a creamy texture and rich taste and is healthy to use in a multitude of recipes.  In addition to being an excellent source of fiber and vitamins, this fruit may help to lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of diabetes and helps to promote lower body weight. But since this is a beauty blog, let's focus on the benefits for hair and skin.

Avocadoes moisturize the skin and help relieve dry and itchy places.  It helps treat skin conditions and can be used to heal wounds and minor burns.  It can increase the production of collagen, plumping the skin and decreasing the effects of aging.

So how do you get that all that goodness?

First cut the avocado in half, all the way around, leaving the pit in place for the moment.

Then stab that poor pit with your knife, sinking it into the pit.  If you've got it lodged in well, just lift your knife and the pit will come right out.

But do not throw that pit out!  Grow your own avocado tree following the instructions found here.  

Scoop out the insides from the peel and get ready to make some beauty products!  Check back for the upcoming recipes!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Preview- Ingredient Highlight for Next Week

I have another week of recipes featuring a special ingredient.  What is coming up?  I'll give you a hint!

And a big Happy Birthday to my baby who is 13 today!  Now I have a house with two teenagers!  Oy!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Anti-Wrinkle Serum

This product has been an instant favorite with my family and friends that use it.  It helps prevent new wrinkles, helps skin appear supple and smooth- reducing the sign on aging already visible, and the rose hip seed oil helps to lighten any visible age spots.  I personally dab some on my forehead, around my eye area, and over my top upper lip (trying to avoid those lines my grandma had there!) twice a day.  After letting it dry, I then apply my normal moisturizer.

This contains vitamin e oil, jojoba oil, rose hip seed oil, lemon essential oil, and lavender essential oil.

If you're interested in trying some of this product, contact me or comment below!