Monday, August 4, 2014

Avocado Madness

The lovely avocado is a fruit, for those of you that like to know such things.  It has a creamy texture and rich taste and is healthy to use in a multitude of recipes.  In addition to being an excellent source of fiber and vitamins, this fruit may help to lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of diabetes and helps to promote lower body weight. But since this is a beauty blog, let's focus on the benefits for hair and skin.

Avocadoes moisturize the skin and help relieve dry and itchy places.  It helps treat skin conditions and can be used to heal wounds and minor burns.  It can increase the production of collagen, plumping the skin and decreasing the effects of aging.

So how do you get that all that goodness?

First cut the avocado in half, all the way around, leaving the pit in place for the moment.

Then stab that poor pit with your knife, sinking it into the pit.  If you've got it lodged in well, just lift your knife and the pit will come right out.

But do not throw that pit out!  Grow your own avocado tree following the instructions found here.  

Scoop out the insides from the peel and get ready to make some beauty products!  Check back for the upcoming recipes!

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