Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Not every test product is an instant success...

So I was testing out the rose scented bath mixture.  It's a powdered mixture that you drop in the tub.  It smells great and has super skin-helping ingredients.  However, I was attempting to put the mixture into small mold forms to make cute little designs.  Okay, I was PLANNING to put the mixture in a mold, but it never made it that far.

I was trying to multi-task.  I was trying to keep up with the swarm of potential projects I had swimming through my head at that moment, so I had a couple things going at once.  The second project was one that needed to be heated and then cooled, and everything had just mixed together.  Fearing I would burn the second project, I left the first mixture in a shaker container and figured I would come back and finish it when I completed the other project.

I was only gone a few minutes when... the dang first mixture turned into a heavy, glue-like consistency.  It was sticky and I thought it was going to harden into a huge, shaker shaped rock that I would never get out.  Of course, the shaker was long and narrow, so I had to find a kitchen utensil long enough to scrape out the mixture.  It was far too glue-like to attempt the molding process, so I instead formed them into mini bath bombs (but bombs without the bath bomb fizz!)  Now that they are drying, I think they actually will be a success.  They smell great!  But they are not nearly as pretty as I originally hoped.  Oh well.  Not everything can be like the next project I'll be posting...

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