Thursday, October 23, 2014

Solid Perfume Bars

Solid perfume does best in a small container with an airtight lid.  These are really nice to put in old lockets and you can wear your scent and always have it ready to dab on!  To use, rub your finger across the perfume and apply lightly to pulse points (or if in bar form like these, you can rub them right across the pulse point.)  These particular perfumes were made in a bar form for scent testing.  A friend asked for a particular scent combination and these bars were my three attempts at various ways of mixing up the scents.  These are being sent to her as of the time I am writing this post.

Interested in creating your own combination scent?  Let me know what scents appeal to you and I can help you craft a fragrance.  Like my friend, if I come up with any successful combinations, I can send you a sample to try and then help you learn how to make it yourself!

This particular perfume includes clove, lime, and patchouli.  Interested in trying this one out?  Let me know!

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