Monday, November 17, 2014


The blog this week will feature two various versions of Aftershave.  While you are watching for them, take a few minutes to review the post I put on the book's Facebook and Google+ pages in August about why you should use aftershave as part of your normal skincare routine.  From those pages:

I have been in the test kitchen working on a couple different aftershave recipes. If you are not already using aftershave, there are at least three reasons you may want to considering adding this product to your shaving routine. 

First, aftershave should have antiseptic properties. After shaving, an aftershave will help keep your skin germ free. This is important because after you have raked a razor across your delicate skin, your skin will be open and vulnerable to germs.

Next, look for a product that closes your pores to help keep out dirt and oil. Find one that will not clog your pores to help prevent breakouts.

Finally, you want an aftershave to soothe your skin. It should help heal and moisturize the skin. If you can, find one that contains an ingredient that acts as a humectant. That means the ingredient draws/attracts moisture from the air and helps the skin retain that moisture, keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day.

You can find aftershave as a liquid/splash, cream, balm, or salve depending on what you prefer. If you are sensitive to scents, there are a variety of fragrance-free products out there, or make your own like I do!

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