Tuesday, January 27, 2015

100th Blog Post

Welcome to my 100th blog post!  I am so glad you are here.  I decided to use my 100th post as a continuation of my recent HERS Magazine blog post.  Stealing the phrase from my buddy, Don, here is a Heals for Your Heels post with an easy to make scrub to help heal your dry, cracked heels.  It also helps to smooth calluses on your feet.

To make this scrub, you need four ingredients:

3 TBS of Rice, brown or white
1/2 TBS Honey
1/2 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar

To begin, crush the rice into smaller chunks.  You do not want to crush the rice too fine as the coarseness of the rice is what will help exfoliate and remove your dry, dead skin.  I used a mortar and pestle but you can also use a food processor or blender to quickly pulse the rice.

For best results, I want to use raw honey in this recipe.  Processed honey, found in most grocery stores, no longer contain the healing properties of raw honey.  These benefits are largely removed by the pasteurization process.  Though processed honey will still provide moisture in this recipe, I really recommend you seek out some local, raw honey for maximum healing and moisturizing.

Next, add in the apple cider vinegar (ACV).  If you only have white vinegar on hand, you can use it instead of the ACV.  ACV  helps to exfoliate dry, dead skin and leaves younger, healthier, and more vibrant skin in its place.  This ingredient has antibacterial properties, so it will help to kill bacteria found on the skin.

Mix the three ingredients together and plan to use immediately.  

After soaking your feet (up to 20 minutes to help soften skin), apply the scrub all over your feet.  Rub it in a circular motion across the entire foot surface.  You can let it sit a few minutes and then rinse the skin well.  Pat your feet dry, apply your favorite lotion or oil, and cover feet with a pair of thick socks.  The longer you keep the socks on the better, so you may wish to do this right before bed.  

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Your support is what keeps this blog going.  Please comment or otherwise like my posts where you see them on the various social media to keep these posts coming!

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