Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Post!

In an effort to actually post on my blogs after my long absence due to some personal stuff, I wanted to let the zero people reading this know I'm still around.  Though beauty hasn't necessarily been my focus the past couple of months, I haven't let myself go entirely.

I've gone back to the basics with three products I have been using.  I highly recommend all three.

First- When removing makeup, especially the full on war paint I do from time to time, I've found cold cream really is the best.  They even have this available at the dollar store, so it's not a big investment.

Second- I started keeping a jar of Noxema in the shower for washing my face.  I love the menthol coolness and I really feel it does a great job.  If you forget the cold cream, the Noxema alone can remove all traces of even my heaviest eye makeup, but I like using the cold cream.

Finally- I read a blog from a star from the 70's who looks AMAZING.  She swears by using cocoa butter as her only moisturizer.  I've been trying it for a few months now and I really think it has helped.  My face doesn't feel as dry and the appearance is smoother and creamier.  You can find 100% cocoa butter in a variety of places, but I put it on every night before bed.  I sometimes do it again in the morning as just a moisturizer, but if I know I'll be out, I'll either replace or add some moisturizer with a little SPF protection.  Caution- watch the cocoa butter around your hairline.  If you have bangs, make sure to pull them off your face until the butter has totally soaked in or your hair might be feeling greasy.

I'm super excited to be trying some new mascara I have ordered that should be coming in the next few days.  There are three or so varieties I hope to choose, and I'll let you know the results here.

Recommendations for things I should try should be left in the comments, please!

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