Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fiber mascara reviews

So far I have tried two of the mascaras I wanted to try and mentioned in my last post.  I'm still waiting for a third to arrive and I will let you know my thoughts when it's here.  I've got to find a better way to take pictures, but you'll get the general idea.  I have no other makeup on in any of the pictures, other than what I list below.

First I went out to buy a mascara that was highly recommended by another blogger- CoverGirl's Lashblast Fusion.  The other blogger felt this was a great, everyday mascara.  For the price ($9 and change at Wal-Mart), I wasn't overly wowed with the results with this one and think some of the other mascaras I've been using, for a cheaper price, provide similar or even better results.


I then found someone had recommended a fiber mascara set available on Amazon.  I found mine with Prime Two-Day Shipping for $14.99 for two sets.  I had been researching these types of fiber mascaras and watched a few videos with suggestions for best results.  I tried the Love Alpha Lengthening & Thickening set.   Each set has two tubes (so I got a total of 4 tubes in my order).  One tube is a Mascara gel and the second was natural fiber.  

Based on the videos I had watched, I wanted to avoid putting the fibers too close to my eye.  I decided to put on one base coat of my regular Avon brand mascara.  I think put a coat of the mascara gel on the top half of my lashes.  I swiped a coat of the fibers across the top of my lashes.  I waited a moment and then seal the fibers in with a second coat of the mascara gel.  Now, in the picture below I did two coats of the gel/fiber/gel technique, but I am so impressed with the results, even with my not so great pics.  


The next set I'm waiting on is another gel/fiber set and I will let you know when I get it.  A few years ago I had eyelash extensions professionally done and though they looked great, they grew out quickly and were really rough when coming off my eyelashes.  The Love Alpha set went on quickly and I am super pleased with the results.  This is definitely something I will continue to use!  

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