Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hand Sanitizer

If you've listened to some news reports lately, you may have heard some concerns about the ingredients used to make antibacterial products.  While nothing can beat good old fashioned hand washing with soap and water, sometimes you may find yourself in a place where soap and water just isn't available or convenient.  For these situations, I made this hand sanitizer!  Mix together 2 parts rubbing alcohol (should be at least 60% per volume of pure ethanol but I recommend 90% or higher for this recipe) to 1 part aloe vera gel (as natural as possible if you are buying the store bought stuff).  I also added in a few drops of lemon essential oil, but any good essential oil with antibacterial type properties will work.  

While mixing the ingredients, you may be concerned about the strength of the scent of the rubbing alcohol, but don't worry, when using the finished product, that strong scent evaporates quickly leaving soft, clean skin.  I poured the mixture into some little bottles I found at the Dollar Tree (in packs of 3 for $1.)  Love it!  This will definitely be replacing the store bought stuff for me!

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